mardi 26 mars 2013

welcome to you, Eric, on the Rainbow bridge

Retrouvez Eric sur son blog
et celui de de son frère Flynn
 Billet rédigé par Zébulon
Welcome to you, dear Eric, we were waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge, but, you know, we were not in hurry at all !
Here, in our wonderful land over the Rainbow, you will find many, many new friends, we hope to make your sadness having to leave your dear Jackie, Ivor and Flynn less painful.
I, Zébulon, promise that all of us will do our possible to make your new life sweet and very confortable, with lot of love.

Teja (at your right, the white cat, an Italian !) : "My dear Zeb, tell me why you have waked me up so early this morning, and what we are doing here, right now, on the Rainbow bridge ?"
Zeb : "We have a very dear friend to welcome. His name is Eric, a ginger and white kitty. I have enjoyed sharing his adventures when he was walking in the fields of his nice Devonshire, at his sweet home, with Jackie, Ivor, his Humans, and his brother, Flynn...".
Teja : "Oh, I hope he finds the way to our heart easyly... We are waiting, of course... Oh, look, I see him... Come, we are going to take him in ours big paws...".
Réveil des Chatitoons dans la Vallée Fleurie,
au pays de l'Arc-en-ciel

Welcome, Eric, in the Flowery Valley !

COLIBRI : "Je pense bien à vous, Jackie, Ivor et Flynn".

5 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Eric and for his welcome to the Rainbow Bridge. We are glad that you were there to welcome him and show him his next life will be happy, healthy and carefree while he waits for us to join him.

  2. A vous qui avez tous connu pareille peine, vous comprenez qu'il est difficile d'oublier les moments merveilleux d'affection et de complicité, ainsi que le chagrin, quand un compagnon aussi cher nous quitte. Je parle encore à mon Zeb tous les jours, il est là, à côté de moi, un peu dématérialisé mais toujours aussi présent !

  3. Zeb et Teja de la Tribu de l'arc-en -ciel26/3/13 18:44

    bonjour eric bienvenu entre nous
    Teja et Zeb