mercredi 3 mai 2017

good bye, dear Flynn

Eric : "Hello, dear Brother, you come too soon, but I'm glad to see you again, I missed you..."
Zeb : "Hello, dear Flynn, all my friends and I are happy to welcome you in our Happy Valley beyond the Rainbow Bridge !"
 Aujourd'hui je rends hommage à un cher ami de la toile, Flynn, qui nous a quittés le 1er mai, après avoir rendu ses "Mum and Dad" heureux pendant plus de 17 ans... Cela fait un moment qu'il est devenu mon ami, il va me manquer, j'aimais bien lui rendre visite chez lui et je sais qu'il venait aussi très souvent me voir discrètement. Bien sûr, j'ai une grande pensée chaleureuse pour ses Humains, quand je sais le vide que nous, les chats, nous laissons derrière nous quand nous vous quittons, c'est toujours trop tôt pour vous, âmes sensibles et pleines d'affection... Chipie
Colibri : "Tu as l'air bien triste, Chipie... Je te comprends, moi aussi je suis triste, mais je me console en me disant que Flynn va retrouver son frère, Eric, là-haut...".

4 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for your lovely tribute to Flynn. I am glad that Eric and Zeb were there waiting to welcome him. Although we are heartbroken that he had to leave and will miss him terribly, I know he and Eric will be glad to be reunited again.

  2. Yes, Jackie, we have always broken heart when these "hairballs" leave us. I read recently on the blog of Tom Cox, who wrote many books about his cats, how we, as Humans, we have so much trouble in overcoming these cats heartache. My Zeb left us over six years, but I feel like he is always on my heels so he was omnipresent in my life. It seems sometimes I even feel his breath on my chest when I sleep ... No cat looks like another, but our love for them all is the same: unswerving. Then it's like he's under my skin, it's just a delicious feeling that helps us soften our pain ...

    1. I feel Eric's presence often and not long after he left he made it known beyond doubt that he was with me still. Flynn hasn't done that yet but I hope he will. I do hear him in the night walking across the floorboards to jump on the bed. I yearn to cuddle him again.

  3. Je ne connaissais pas Flynn, mais, si il y a bien un paradis quelque part, qu'il y fasse une caresse pour moi à ma vieille Miette.....en se méfiant, si elle a gardé le même caractère!